Our Drive-In Camper Weddings were created to solve that problem that we've all struggled with since 2020 - social distancing. You want your wedding day to be as safe as possible for all of your guests but you still want it to be fun, unique and quirky!

Our Drive-In Camper Weddings are fully set up and risk assessed to be conducted in a socially distant and Covid-safe way.

Here are the regulations that we currently put into place. As restrictions are eased, we can of course ease ours as well to slowly allow for more mingling.

  1. All suppliers involved in our weddings will be required to complete training on our regulations. This is why we offer everything you will need in one package and any extras you want will need to come from our approved and trained suppliers list. 

  2. Each campervan will be provided with a welcome pack which will include details on all of the precautions put in place to keep everyone safe as well as hand sanitiser

  3. Each campervan will have its own designated staff member who will bring food and drinks to the campervan to minimise cross contamination

  4. Guests will not be permitted to leave their campervan area (except to use their designated toilet) or mix with any other guests outside of their bubble

  5. Each campervan will be numbered and a corresponding numbered toilet will be provided to ensure no cross contamination. Each toilet will be extensively cleaned to all regulations after each wedding

  6. Each campervan will be placed at least 2m from any other campervan

  7. No more than 6 guests will be permitted in each campervan

  8. Each person that is required to take part in the ceremony will have their own microphone and this will not be shared throughout the course of the wedding. After each wedding these will be disinfected thoroughly

  9. No live music will be permitted. Recorded music can be played through the individual speakers in each campervan

  10. If the wedding is to be moved to a covered area or sheltered by sailcloths, all staff, suppliers and guests will be required to wear a face covering, mask or visor

  11. Sanitising stations will be provided for all staff members and suppliers

  12. All campervans, toilets and other utensils will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each wedding to regulatory standards